Bit of a Mystery, Solved -- Part 2

The breakthrough to this mystery building came when I found it on Google Street View.    On my iPad, I navigated around the building to the Bethune Street side where I saw an entrance door with a house number (hidden here by a tree).  Eureka.  It was in fact a house on Bethune Street, not a mystery building on Edinburgh!

This house is another case of an unusual placement, with the property not facing the street.  Placing the house in this direction gave it the best vantage point for a magnificent view of Peterborough from this hill.  The house was built in the 1880s by James R. Donnell Jr., partner in the construction firm Donnell and Stabler.  The house backs on to Edinburgh.  Originally there was a good sized front garden that overlooked a Donnell Family compound, comprised of a modest 1870s brick house also built by James Junior, and his father James Donnell Senior's 1840s family homestead cottage to the south.  Both these houses are still standing, but the family homes have been separated by newer houses that were built after the land was subdivided.

This little mystery was solved by literally looking at it from another direction!


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