Ashburnham, also known as East City, was a separate village across the river until it was incorporated as part of the City of Peterborough in 1905.

Engleburn (1853)

The Hon. Zacheus Burnham was appointed the official surveyor of the area on behalf of the British government.  Burnham was paid in a large amount of land instead of cash.  Peterborough and Ashburnham were surveyed by his son-in-law, Richard Birdsall.  Zacheus owned much of what became the Village of Ashburnham.

Zacheus' only son, Rev. Mark Burnham, built his home Engleburn on a vast compound of land bordering the Otonabee River in Asburnham.  The house is white brick in the English Palladium style.  The mansion was much larger in the Burnham's time with a huge library wing.  Unfortunately, this was demolished in 1903 by a later owner.

Ingram House (1854)

Absalom Ingram came to Peterborough with the Mark Burnham family and served as steward of the estate.  Rev. Burnham built this house for the Ingram family, selling them the house and land in 1865 for $100.


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