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The Mechanics Institute (1868)
The first public library in Peterborough was established in this Water Street building in 1895.

Carnegie Library (1911)
The Andrew Carnegie Foundation provided funding for the first dedicated library building, which served until 1980.  Preserved, it's now an annex of City Hall.  I love the velvety red brick!
Peterborough Public Library (1980)
The renovations and new additions to the existing library are nearing completion while the library has its temporary home on the lower level of Peterborough Square.  I can't wait to see what the new library will be like inside!

City Hall

Peterborough's City Hall (1951) was designed by the Toronto architecture firm Marani and Morris.  Money for its construction was bequeathed in the will of William George Morrow, Mayor of the city from 1910-1911.

The design is a late example of the City Beautiful movement introduced to North America in the Chicago Exposition of 1893.  The weather vane atop the cupola shows two Canada geese in flight.
The entrance hall floor is a unique terrazzo tile map showing Peterborough Country and the surrounding area.  Unfortunately here it's covered up under safety mats.