Mansard Mansions on Brock Street

There is a dumpster in front of 220 Brock Street.  The front porch (not the original) and steps have been removed, which hopefully means there are positive changes in store.  I was beginning to lose hope for this former beauty, as it seemed to be falling almost derelict.

The three Italianate style mansions on the north side of Brock, just east of Aylmer, were once part of a string of grand homes built along this block in the 1870s to the early 1880s.  Two more were located where the 1960s high rise Brock Towers now stands.  To the east, a large 1870s mansion is the only other survivor, and it now houses the Youth Emergency Shelter.
The original roofs of these mansions were far more ornate, with wrought iron cresting, mansards, and faux turrets.  I imagine these features were high maintenance and only lasted a few decades.  Only 220 still has its faux turret look.

Sadly, both 220 and 226 Brock Street were crudely broken up into apartments during the years of the Great Depression.  220 contains the largest number of units.  

The corner house at 232 Brock Street was the first to have undergone a 21st century facelift when it was purchased by a travel agency in 2008.  This same company later purchased, and also made some renovations, to 226.  I have not seen a For Sale sign at 220 recently, and do not know who currently owns it.  I very much look forward to seeing what changes are in store.


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