The Water Street, south wing of The Commerce Building, one of two additions built by George A. Cox, circa 1890.


Peterborough has the most Victorian carriageways I’ve ever seen in one place.  They are seen downtown in commercial buildings and former hotels.  Originally built to give private access to courtyards and/or horse stables, they led to a place to keep the horse and carriage off the street.  Today, all of them are still in use, giving access to private parking.  The vehicles have changed, but the function remains the same.

215 Hunter Street West, carriageway of a former hotel built by Cornelius Halpin, circa 1880

Simcoe Street west of George, The CPR Hotel, circa 1888, built by Thomas Bradburn.  The name and ownership has changed many times.

Simcoe Street east of George.  The string course has interesting decorations at both ends, shaped like birdhouses.

Charlotte Street west of George Street


  1. What a lovely blog! I love it, tho I don't live there. I never even heard of 'carriageways' before. I so love what you're doing, and how well you're doing it.


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